Spanish Markets

Spanish Markets


If you want to experience the colours and atmosphere of a Spanish rural town or village then you really should not miss the local market. Stalls include the most amazing fresh fruit and vegetables, local meats, fish and cheese, and all the varieties and flavours of olives you could imagine. Add to these with clothes, shoes, household goods, plants and fruit trees, and the atmosphere of the local community all coming together and this will be an experience you will love. There is a market in a town near by everyday so you will never be too far from one – please find a list below of the markets in and around the region near Huescar:

Monday – Cúllar, Freila

Tuesday – Caniles, Orce, Cuevas del Campo

Wednesday – Baza, Galera

Thursday – Huescar, Lorca,

Friday – Castril, Zújar, Puebla de Don Fadrique

Saturday – Cortes de Baza, Castillejar, Velez Rubio, Guadix

Sunday – Benemaurel

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